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Tel: +44(0)1631 559211

Tritonia Scientific Ltd. is based at the Dunstaffnage Marine Laboratories which are part of the campus of SAMS (Scottish Association for Marine Science), approximately 2 miles north of Oban.

Tritonia Scientific, Dunstaffnage Marine Laboratories, Dunbeg, PA37 1QA.

We have immediate slipway and pontoon-based access to a range of underwater environments and conditions, including:

  • Protected bays with soft sand/soft mud habitats
  • Rocky reefs and kelp forests
  • Seagrass beds
  • Artificial reefs
  • WW2 wrecks
  • Fjords and marine rapids
  • Deep water: 50 msw within 3km; 130 msw in fjords; 200+ msw within 15km.

Tritonia Scientific Ltd