Accurate and reliable observations of underwater structures and environments are vital for the aquaculture industry.  Tritonia Scientific uses the technique of stereophotogrammetry to combine photos or videos into 3D, highly accurate visual computer models.  

The surveys are planned with clients to meet the specific requirements of inspections and Tritonia can integrate data obtained from divers, ROVs, AUVs, side-scan sonar and aerial drones.  

The models generate accurate and dependable data giving confidence for important management decisions and regulatory reporting. Precision and accuracy achieved using:

High-end through-water GPS systems for georeferencing;
Lasers or delineated markers for scaling and orientation; and 
Salinity-corrected pressure sensors for depth measurement.

Tritonia makes the water disappear virtually, producing clear visibility even in turbid or low-light conditions.  

The models visually expose structures or environments that are not possible to see using traditional methods producing permanent records that can be continuously assessed and used for whatever the client needs.  

Precise changes can be identified using comparison software on subsequent models which means that fewer surveys are needed to show what is happening over time.

Beyond the initial survey requirements, Tritonia’s clients have found additional advantages of the models, including exact positioning as to where environmental samples, such as seabed cores, are taken or where invasive species have been identified during biosecurity surveys.  

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