Conservation and the Environment


In addition to supporting academic research, Tritonia Scientific contributes towards conservation projects and programmes locally and internationally.  

Our use of advanced stereophotogrammetry techniques have informed research programmes and Marine Protected Areas (MPAs) that are investigating impacts and promoting recovery of coral reef systems in Fiji, the Philippines, Belize and the Indian Ocean. 

Tritonia Scientific is also a project partner on a Darwin Plus funded programme examining the biodiversity discovery and the future of South Georgia’s seaweed habitats.

In Scottish waters, Tritonia Scientific has provided diving and ROV services to survey, monitor and provide supporting evidence for several designated Priority Marine Features, including the following habitats and species:

  • Flapper Skate nursery grounds
  • Maerl beds
  • Horse mussel beds
  • Kelp beds
  • Seagrass beds
  • Flame shell beds
  • Seapens and nephrops
  • Burrowed muds
  • Serpulid reefs
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