Client Representation

We have undertaken the Client Representative role for several clients, including Marine Scotland, Premier Oil, the Falkland Islands Government.  The role ensures that the diving operations being contracted by the client adhere to the 1997 UK Diving at Work Regulations; the task normally includes:

  • Liaison between the Client and the Diving Contractor
  • Audit of all pertinent diving and diving-related qualifications and certification
  • Audit of all diving and diving-related equipment
  • Assessment and/or revision of Dive Project Plans
  • Assessment and/or revision of Risk Assessments
  • On-site observation of diving operations
  • Reporting to an agreed schedule

H&S Appraisal

We undertake Health and Safety appraisals for Diving Contractors to ensure that the diving operations they have legal responsibility for are being conducted in accordance with the 1997 UK Diving at Work Regulations. Past appraisals have been for Universities and Government Research Agencies.

Expert Witness

Dr Martin Sayer is an expert witness accredited by the Academy of Experts. Dr Sayer prepares reports and appears in court for cases related to recreational and commercial diving accidents and fatalities.

Contact Details 
Phone:  +44(0)1631 559211