Harbours and Piers


The marine environment is particularly dynamic and changes regularly. It is also the case that any structure built or placed in the sea is prone to degradation over time and must, therefore, be inspected to ensure that they remain functional, safe, and economically viable. 

Baseline surveying provides a snapshot of the condition of a structure or seabed at any one time, whereas well-designed monitoring programmes permit the accurate measurement of temporal change.

Tritonia Scientific employs innovative science-based techniques and technologies to survey and monitor in the marine environment.

We offer a personalised service whereby one, some or all of the methods outlined can be used separately or combined to suit the client’s requirements. 

Our recent experience is based on undertaking work that has accurately measured structural damage, monitored structural decay, recorded temporal changes in seabed characteristics, mapped marine debris, and charted biological invasions. 

Although our expertise is primarily underwater, we now provide inspections above the waterline, along with pioneering new ways of integrating above- and below-water surveys into single outputs.

Bathymetry and mapping

Shallow-water side-scan survey

Structural survey

  •     Broad-scale photogrammetry and Digital Elevation Modelling
  •     Medium-scale photogrammetry
  •     Fine-scale photogrammetry
  •     Aerial photogrammetry
  •     Photography and videography
  •     Non-destructive testing

More detail of the services we offer for surveying harbours, piers and other man-made structures can be downloaded here.

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