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Tritonia Scientific has worked with clients in the UK and international oil and gas sector supplying advanced photogrammetry services that have been used in surveys of underwater structural integrity, to provide accurate assessments of biological growth and in infrastructure ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​decommissioning​​​​​​​. 

Most of the 3D photogrammetry modelling is based on imagery collected using remotely operated vehicles (ROVs) and Tritonia Scientific can help companies with the choices required to equip and manage the ROV operations to optimise the surveys.  

Although most of the surveying is planned with 3D photogrammetry modelling as the principal objective of the work, Tritonia Scientific has been able to make use of ‘video of opportunity’ from structural integrity or other similar ROV surveys to generate 3D models. We have even used historical video to generate ‘back to the future’ model time series.

The fundamental approach that we take at Tritonia Scientific is one of problem-solving. We can adapt the services we offer to provide our clients with solutions that best match the operational requirement within the context of reliable supporting evidence. Past examples include:

Generating and validating estimates of volume and weight of biological growth on underwater infrastructure

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Working with industry to assess the potential to undertake 3D in-situ measurements of the depth and completeness of cuts made in underwater structures

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Assessing the resilience of biological communities to ‘artificial reef’ forms of platform decommissioning

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Tritonia Scientific is a project partner on PhD projects hosted at the National Decommissioning Centre, Aberdeen.
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